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Thursday, January 24, 2013

New Year Eve '12

Opsss, it's almost the end of January! This post was supposed to be updated at the beginning of this month but I was really busy :(

It happened on the last day of 2012. Went to friend's place to celebrate new year eve. What I can say is, it was really awesome! Nice place, nice environment with the awesome people! 

Pizzasssss. lol. You know right, restaurants out there must be very crowded so yeah, we all decided to have pizza for our dinner!

Ohh ya, was supposed to exchange gift on Christmas Eve but we all were busy. So, exchange on New Year Eve although it sounds weird?

With Yen Ping! She got my present, heh.

 And I got a knitted sweater, from Uniqlo. Hmm, doesn't really suitable to wear in Malaysia but still, WO HEN XI HUAN!

Heh, we claim that we need to practice this before Chinese New Year arrives. *evil grins*

And this! The Mafia. Everyone is playing this game lately, trend? Anyway, it's fun!

When the clock strikes 12am! Tadaaa.... FIREWORKS!

You know what, I really love this place so much. The best place to celebrate New Year Eve or whatever special day. It's like a place specially designed for us. Most importantly is, it's not packed like places out there.

And and and.. Things that we can't miss out whenever we meet up, PHOTO SESSION! lol. 


Yes, we celebrate New Year Eve at the same place for 2 consecutive years. Spot the difference of us! lol

2 new styles! haha see if we can celebrate it again this year? and we'll take the same photo again! 

Had a really wonderful night with my girls, a very memorable one. Love the way we communicate, love the way we 38, love every moment we spend! Approximately 7 years of friendship? Still counting on! xoxo

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Penang - Part 2

Second day in Penang, woke up quite early cause we were afraid that we had not much time to play lol.

Rise and shine. View from our hotel.

Took a bus from our hotel to Komtar again. Went to Kek Seng Coffee Shop which located at Penang Road. The very old style coffee shop in Penang, they're still using wooden benches in their shop.

We ordered prawn mee, asam laksa and kuey teow soup. Price is quite reasonable, prawn mee and kuay teow soup taste really good!

Kuey teow soup. Kuey teow soup in Penang always come with fish ball and meat ball, unlike those in KL. Kuey teow soup in Kek Seng Coffee Shop is really good! 

Homemade durian ice-cream. It's recommended by their boss and many tourists dropped by for this. Hmm, for me, it tastes not really good, just average. I bet you can get it at other places too, not worth trying.

Poh Piah. Still remember I came here for this in mid of May and it tasted really delicious. Unfortunately, it tastes not really good anymore, not as good as before.

Not forgetting to mention, Rapid Penang is really convenient for the tourists. As you can see below, buses to different destinations are stated clearly or if you're really not clear with it, you can always ask from the information counter.

At the Komtar bus-stop, with Doreen again!

After having breakfast, took a bus to Penang Hill, Bukit Bendera.

Queued for quite long for these tickets. RM30 for non-Malaysian, RM8 for Malaysian and if you have student card, it's only RM4!

The new cable car in Penang Hill, takes approximately 10 minutes to reach the top, or maybe less than that?

You can basically get the view of whole Penang here, it's really amazing but kinda hot. You know right, Malaysia has got hot weather.

Yes, had tidbits at Penang Hill and tastes good, tastes sour and spicy. I don't know what do we call this :P

Went to Batu Ferringhi after that, took more than an hour to reach there. Thought of going there to watch sunset but unfortunately it was about to rain -_-

Looks like the scene in 2012? lol.

Ohh ya, we actually went for hair braiding too. heh

The woman who did the hair braiding for me, kinda sucks. I hate her, seriously she doesn't even know how to do it ishh! 

Dinner at the Long Beach Food Court. What I can say is, food there really tastes good but all come in a small portion, kinda expensive cause it's a tourist area.

Prawn mee.

Loh mee

Fried kuey teow

This trip was really fun, explored so much about Penang. I'm sure that we're gonna do it again next time!

Kek Seng Coffee Shop 
382-384, Penang Road,
10000 Penang

Long Beach Food Court
Jalan Batu FerringhiBatu Ferringhi
11100, Penang

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Penang - Part 1

Penang trip is up! As I know, Penang is actually the second smallest state in Malaysia. It is a state where we can get all the delicious food here, some people even known Penang as food paradise. 

So, back to here. We actually planned this trip quite last minute, was in a rush to get the tickets and else. Bought ticket from Transnasional and their service is kinda sucks. Buses are old, seats are not uncomfortable and the ticker sellers at the counter are impolite too. 

We bought the tickets online and the ticket seller at Kampar claimed that she doesn't know how to redeem the ticket. Like what? Kay fine, we got up to one of the Transnasional buses and redeem the ticket at Medan Gopeng, Ipoh. The worst thing was, we waited for almost one hour for the bus the Penang! Supposed to depart at 9.00pm and ended up we departed at almost 11.00pm. I think I'll never get the bus tickets from Transnasional anymore, perhaps.

You know, what we girls do when we have nothing to do. Here's the bus terminal at Medan Gopeng, Ipoh.

Our bus arrived at Butterworth, or some of them known it as Penang Sentral. So, we took ferry in order to get to Georgetown. Ferry per person is RM 1.20. If you don't want to go by ferry, you can actually drive to pass by Penang Bridge where the total length is 13,000 meters. Oh ya, you can also go by ferry even if you're driving! This is kinda amazing, isn't it?

Spot the Penang Bridge! See it?

When the ferry was approaching Weld Quay, the jetty in Penang Island, still busy taking photos! lol

Decided to have lunch before travelling around as we were starving! So, took a bus from Weld Quay to Komtar. They actually have free shuttle buses. If you're not familiar with it, there's is also an information counter there. People there are quite friendly! 

The bus stopped at Komtar. Went to Joo Hooi Cafe to have our lunch. It's only approximately 15 minutes walking distance, quite near right? 

And here's the famous chendol stall in Penang, located right beside Joo Hooi Cafe.

RM 2.00 per bowl but if you want to have it in Joo Hooi Cafe, you gotta pay extra RM0.50 per bowl.

Asam Laksa! Not as good as what I expected but still tastes good!

Lor bak which I don't know what we call it in English.

This is the-very-tasty char keoy teow! Waited for almost an hour just for this cause it was really crowded but I can tell you, it was all worth. RM4.50 per plate, portion is quite small.

Joo Hooi Cafe, 愉园餐室
475, Jalan Penang, 
1000 Georgetown, 

Went Chew Jetty after that. The clan jetties actually consist of 8 jetties, named after their surnames, "Lim", "Chew", "Tan", "Lee", "Yeoh", "Koay", "Peng Ann" and Mixed Clans. "Chew" is the famous last name and it means the entire long stretch of jetty are residence with "Chew" as their last name.

It is pretty near to Weld Quay, less than 10 minutes walking distance. You can ask people around there I'm sure they're willing to guide you there.

Ohh ya, not forgetting to mention, the famous Malaysian film - Ice Kacang Puppy Love, 初恋红豆冰 is shot at Clan Jetties too. According to the residents there, it was shot at the "Chew" one. I remember I watched that movie but unfortunately it was years ago, I couldn't recall the scene.

Come to the dinner part, went to Gurney Drive Hawker Centre. To be honest, food there is kinda expensive, the portion is really small and some of it taste so so only. According to those who stay in Penang, Gurney Drive Hawker Centre is only for tourists cause it's really expensive.

Asam Laksa

Prawn mee

Char keoy teow!

There's one stall for the vegetarian so that they can have their meal there too :)

Oyster omelette



Sotong bakar

That's all for the first day of out trip. Stay tuned for the part 2!